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One Stop OEM/ODM Service

Find your perfect shoe niche in your local market or the online store and want to bring your idea to life? Enjoy Clarco's one-stop OEM/ODM service that effortlessly saves your valuable time, whether it's from shoe design, material selection, sample making, mass production, quality control or shipping, we have you covered.

China Shoes Manufacturer - shoe design

Send Your Designs/Ideas

Contact us whether by email or on WhatsApp/Wechat and send us your logo, designs, after that, our shoe designer will go through your logo and designs and make sketches for you.

Make Paper Pattern

Our experienced staff carefully studies and learns the design that you've confirmed, then make an accurate paper pattern to ensure the most appropriate shape for the last.

China Shoes Manufacturer - open shoe pattern
China Shoes Manufacturer - cutting

Prepare Shoe Materials & Cutting

The material specialist can now easily select the correspond materials based on the documentation you provide, or the product manager can work out the corresponding material requirements in the process of communicating with you and hand them to the material experts for preparation. The material is usually cut from high quality leather, mesh, flyknit, etc. and marked with the location where the stitcher needs to sew.

Material Stitching

In the sewing stage, the materials that have been cut out are sewn together. Although the styles of shoes vary and so does the sewing process, all shoes will be carefully sewn by our experienced sewing engineers to ensure the best shape and size and will be sent to the final stage - assembly.

China Shoes Manufacturer - stitching
China Shoes Manufacturer - assembling

Shoe Assembling

This is the final stage of making the sample shoes, however, we always believe that this is only the beginning of our service to our customers, which is why we put considerable effort into conducting thorough final quality checks on our samples and making sure they are well made before handing them over to you.

Mass Production

We mass produce based on your final confirmation of sample shoes and efficiently produce custom shoes within 45-60 days based on our skilled shoe making experience and annual production volume. We accept orders in large or small quantities and are committed to 100% inspection to ensure that all shoes are in excellent condition before delivery.






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