Quality Management System

To aid in providing you with quality custom shoes, CLARCO opts to employ the best quality control system for you.

Full Service

Clarco cares what you care when it comes to the quality control process.

Our quality management system covers three-time sample proofing at the beginning, and then material confirmation, mass production supervision before they leave the factory.

This means that all shoes produced in our factories are tested at least five times before they reach your stores, warehouses and customers.

Through our professional quality management, we ensure that all goods are perfect. Even if any problems occur due to production defects, we take full responsibility and seek any possible solutions.

China Shoes Manufacturer - Sample Proofing

Sample Proofing

We will contact you at least 3 times regarding the sample proofing. Our quality inspector will always note down everything that need to be improved or fixed and ensure the samples are exactly made under your confirmation.

Material Confirmation

We will check all the shoe materials and make sure they are exactly same as the order document, in particular the attributes and colours must be 100% same as required before they are sent for mass production.

China Shoes Manufacturer - Material Confirmation
China Shoes Manufacturer - Mass Production

Mass Production Supervision

The experienced quality controller will randomly select shoes to be thoroughly checked during the mass production to make sure they meet our expectations.

100% Inspection

We also need to check all the shoes you ordered after mass production to make sure that each pair meets the requirements before shipment. It takes time, but it works.

China Shoes Manufacturer - Full Inspection
China Shoes Manufacturer - Shipment


All the packaging materials are customized with your own labels, and the shoes are put in the correct shoe box accurately. Then we will send them to the logistics warehouse for delivery to you.

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